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鈥淚 heard you were intending to emigrate with the ci-devant Marquis de Fontenay.鈥

鈥淲ill you give me your certificate of residence? all the emigrants have them and prove to me every day that they have never left France.鈥.
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No sooner had he gone than his father arrived unexpectedly from the Rhine, where he had commanded the Auvergne contingent in the army of Cond茅, composed almost entirely of gentlemen of that province.?
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The incident accords so well with the habitual treachery of Robespierre, that if not true it may be called ben trovato; but in fact it is not really certain that it took place.!
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鈥淚ndeed,鈥 he said, 鈥測ou have a strange fancy. Night is made to sleep in; however, if it amuses you I have no objection so long as you do not expect me to be of the party.鈥.
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The Vicomte de Noailles was also proscribed, and fled to England, whence he kept writing to his wife to join him; but she would not leave her mother and grandmother.
She declared that she would have resigned before had it not been for the calumnies, injustice, and persecution (!) carried on against the Duc d鈥橭rl茅ans; she hoped his return would dispel the clouds; she pictured the grief her pupils would feel, &c., &c.
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